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Interview with Anna Blazhko in Olomouc

Russian Anna Blazhko has come to Olomouc as the defender of the title of winner at both singles and doubles at the European Universities Table Tennis Championship in Geneva 2015. She is a professional table tennis player; academic tournaments are a pleasant diversification to her.


How did your team qualify for this championship?

We qualified in a really good position and we have good chance to win this competition so I hope so, we will see.


Does your university or country has a system university sports?

We are professional players and we play in many competitions in Russia. Some of us play in national teams as well. We are sportive and this is professional for us.


Does university encourage you to play sports and get in the professional world afterwards?

I finished the sport college in Moscow and after I went to study in Kazan University. They give importance to sports and they support you in this.