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Interview with Kelly Sibley, head coach University of Nottingham

Do you like Olomouc? Is it your first time in Czech?

It is not my first time in Czech, but it is my first time in Olomouc. It is really nice. Yesterday we managed to spend a couple of hours walking around the town. I have been to Prague and I find it a little bit different, kind of Easter European, really pretty. It was really nice to have a walk around.


Are you satisfied with the achievements of your athletes?

Yes, I think overall my players did really well. We had in the team event two of the highest finishes that we have ever had. I am really pleased and obviously extra please for the girls to get a bronze medal, which is fantastic.


They noticed your way of couching, which is really expressive and supportive… do you like your job?

Yes, I do. Because I still play myself at a professional level so I kind of still feel that I am in the moment and I like it when I am playing that my couch is very expressive, loud and supportive. And that’s when I play my best. And my players are a lot like me in a way and I want them to win so I am supporting every point.


When you say that you are a professional player are you referring to the national team?

Yes, I am England number 1, in senior. I play for England and Great Britain and also I play for a professional team in so I do my training at Nottingham with the students, so it is very good. And yes, I enjoy the coaching and also I still enjoy the playing.


Regarding your position at the University, are you full time couching?

This is my first year as full time head coach, for the past couple of years I was an assistant couch and practice partner. To come here as first time head coach and to win a medal is very good and I think it is something I can do after I finish playing table tennis. So, I can continue coaching at the university and hopefully keep on succeeding.