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Interview with Qiwen Xiao

In the Palacky University Sports Hall in Olomouc we caught Qiwen Xiao from University of Paris 13 after first match in the tournament.


Is it your first time in Czech Republic?

No, it is the third time I am here. I have been here two times, once with my friends and once with my parents. It is a really nice country and I like it so much. Prague is amazing.


Is it your first time in Olomouc? How do you like it?

Yes, it is the first time in Olomouc. I like it, I think it is a really sportive city. I saw in the roads a lot of cycling tracks as well.


How did your university qualify for this championship?

I won three times in the university championships in France so I got the chance to come here and I am so happy to have this opportunity.


Does your university or country have a system university sports?

I usually practice in my club but this time I play with my university. Actually, it is not so easy at the university to practice my sport because my level is higher than the others´ so it is better for me to practice in my club. Sports at the university is more for pleasure. There are many students and they play just for fun, which I think it is also good. So they do encourage sports rather than at the professional level.