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Jan Bohac: It is hard to keep up with the rivals

Jan Bohac can´t be overlooked among participants of the European Universities Table Tennis Championship in Olomouc. This tall student of the hosting Palacký University plays several roles at the tournament. In addition to being an ambassador of events supplementing the championship and the role of the sportsman who took an oath on behalf of other players at the ceremonial opening, he a the captain leads the Palacký University team.


His team eventually failed to advance to the elimination matches for medals. “Uni examinations consumed our whole time, so the practicing before the European championship was not very intensive. That obviously affected our performance. We´ve been doing our best, unfortunately it´s still not enough to match the strong rivals,“ says Jan Bohac and continues: “The quality of our rivals is at a very high level this year. Very strong teams came from Poland, Russia, France, and we must not forget our boys from Ostrava. The competition this year is excellent and it is really hard to keep up with our rivals.”


After the basic group matches Jan Boháč could hide his disappointment: “We wanted to advance from the group, but we could not manage. Now we will at least fight for the best possible placement and then we will try to break though in the competitions of individuals.“


European Universities Table Tennis Championship is being held the Czech Republic after ten years. Jan Boháč feels good about the so far course of the Olomouc tournament. “Yes, the organisation is on a very high level. As to the background, we absolutely cannot complain about anything. Boarding, catering and game conditions are adequate to European Championship. I think this is a very good event and we all are enjoying it here in Olomouc,“ adds 23-year-old Jan Bohac.