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Josef Plachy visiting Olomouc

At the European Universities Table Tennis Championship in Olomouc we cought Josef Plachy for a while. He came to follow the performace of Michal Benes and Ondrej Bajger from Technical University of Ostrava, both of them are members of national Czech team for the 29th summer universiade that takes place in the second half of August in Taiwan. Josef Plachy could be satisfied with performace of his players. Ondrej Bajger and Michal Benes did great in the team competition, they won the silver medals together with Slovak Roman Rezetka.


“I could follow the boys in two matches. Today I liked their play more than yesterday. Their performace got better from match to match and that´s great. Surely they didn´t disappoint me, definitely not,“ said Josef Plachy on Friday afternoon and added: "Mainly Ondra Bajger performed great, he is in a good condition. Michal Benes is coming back into matches rhytm here in Olomouc after being injured. For both the championship is a conveniant prolonging of the season and good motivation for further practise. I´m happy to have seen the boys in action and satisfied by their performance.“