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Kirill Gerassimenko transferred to Grenzau

Twenty years old Kirill Gerassimenko will as the historically first Kazakh play in the top German Bundesliga club. TTC Zubrücke Grenzau showed interest in talented young man who is transferring from Austrian team HiWay Grill Kapfenberg.

Kirill Gerassimenko will in Grenzau again meet with respected manager and coach Dirk Wagner who took care about him in the years 2010 till 2016 in Werner Schlager Academy in Schwechat. Kirill Gerassimenko participated at the Olympic Games in London 2012 and even at World Championship 2017 in Düsseldorf.


Since the new season he will settle down in Germany permanently. In Grenzau he can surely expect interesting engagement. “Such an offer can not be refused. It is big challenge for me. I am glat, I will practice and play again under Dirk Wagner,“ says Kirill Gerassimenko.


At recent World Championship Kirill Gerassimenko played the main commpetition in which he failed in the first round. “I had no luck for the draw. I lost already 3:4 in the first round with good defender Wang from Slovakia. It was a very hard match. I don´t realy like playing with defenders. In spite of this fact I could win. It's a pity but it was good experience for me,“ continues Kirill.


At the European Universities Championship in Olomouc Gerassimenko, 132nd player in the World Ranking, belonges to the favorites of the tournament. Kirill with his team - University of Magnitoborsk reached the 3th place in the teams competition in Olomouc.