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Walbrzych has entered the tournament victoriously

The Angelus Silesius State School of Higher Vocational Education in Walbrzych has sent to the European Universities Championship a tremendously strong team. Three of the players are members of the Polish representation. Robert Floras ranks as the best of them in the world´s chart. In Olomouc the university team from Walbrzych in the first match of teams coped smoothly with the Finnish team of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and scored 3:0.

“The season is long, so we took a little rest before the Universities Championship and practised hard afterwards. In the first match here at the tournament we had the Finns as rivals, which was no big issue for our team. Our team is strong and well balanced. We have started-off well. We may definitely hope for a medal positioning,“ Robert Floras says.


The 24-year-old Polish representative holds 145th place in the world´s chart. How does he view the atmosphere of the Olomouc tournament? “It is different from the tournaments of the World Tour series. Here are players of various qualities. Professionals who practice twice a day as well as amateurs who play twice a week. Anyway, this is a very nice event. The sporting, friendly atmosphere is everywhere around. It is much about meetings of young people. I am very glad that events like this will make our long season more varied,“ continues Robert Floras.


Academic sport, and table tennis in particular, is extraordinarily popular in Poland. It is not easy though to fight one´s way to the European Universities Championship. “Yes, that is true. In our country, a lot of universities do this sport. Universities Championship of Poland has higher quality year by year. This year, together with Piotr Chodorski and Pawol Fertikowski we managed to win. I believe that this team is fairly strong for an academic tournament,“ adds Floras.